The cartoons I’ve uploaded lately have focused more on creative writing rather than looking like the static cartoons I typically draw or paint. One of the questions I get the most when I tell others that I do animation is if my animations look like my usual wild drawings. So far, my answer has been, “NO.” So, I decided to start attempting to animate in that style. Here is a simple walk cycle I’ve entitled, “Tropical” that is a taste of what I plan to start doing. I still love writing funny material, and plan to continue putting it out. I just want to even it out with this type of stuff. Check it out:

Young At Art Museum’s 2016 Annual Interest

13221311_1550058778631547_1542313872887811789_oOn Friday, May 13, 2016, Young At Art Museum threw its Annual Interest show. The night was full of great laughs, friends, free food and beverages. There was also plenty of art that was to be raffled to those who bought a raffle ticket. I had an untitled piece in the show  that was the first of a series of head paintings. The person who received the painting made Continue reading

Cats & Bikinis in FATVillage


FATVillage now has gotten a little uglier. Back in March, I completed a mural there of a bikini clad woman being coughed Continue reading

New Commission Piece

WIPA few weeks ago, I was contacted to do a new commission piece. After hammering out some of the details I was able to get started last weekend. The dimensions for the canvas are 24″ x 38″, and the final product won’t be stretched. It’ll be framed between two sheets of acrylic. Originally, I was going to cut a section out of some canvas sheet, nail it to plywood and give it to them like that. But I didn’t want to put holes in it. So I was rattling my brain to figure out what to do. Continue reading