Monster Mixtape!!! ABCs

A little while back, I decided I wanted to make short videos to teach my children various lessons. I thought it would be fun to make the videos monster themed too. The first of these is an alphabet song. My youngest child DOES NOT stop singing it. Check it out:


The cartoons I’ve uploaded lately have focused more on creative writing rather than looking like the static cartoons I typically draw or paint. One of the questions I get the most when I tell others that I do animation is if my animations look like my usual wild drawings. So far, my answer has been, “NO.” So, I decided to start attempting to animate in that style. Here is a simple walk cycle I’ve entitled, “Tropical” that is a taste of what I plan to start doing. I still love writing funny material, and plan to continue putting it out. I just want to even it out with this type of stuff. Check it out:

Creature Double Feature

Here are TWO images that are being featured in TWO different upcoming local zines. They were both done digitally via Adobe Illustrator. This first image depicts a beach-ready bat. It will be featured in the latest issue of Larva zine, which is now available. If you’d like to purchase a copy of it,  please email Each issue is $5.

Larva zine

Buttout ZineThe second image depicts a vampire eating a jovial cow. This illustration is featured in the latest issue of Buttout zine. It hasn’t come out yet, and is free. The next issue will be Halloween theme, and so I had decided to create something that fit that. If you’d like a copy, you can find them on Facebook [here], or send them an email at

Some Drawingsss

I’ve been so busy the last week or so with two different art commissions, that YET AGAIN, I’ve neglected this site. One of them is a good ol’ fashioned painting, and the other is some album art work for a friend’s band. Anyhow, I’ll write about those later. For now, here are some doodles I’ve drawn throughout the last few days:

Insanity At Young At Art Museum Part 1: Mural

You might have thought I quickly gave up on updating this page daily, only to once again slip slowly into the warm embrace of apathy. It wouldn’t be the first time I quickly returned to destructive habits. Yes, I’m so often like the dog who returns to his vomit and swallows it willingly. Fortunately, I’m here to say that this wasn’t the case. My negligence wasn’t due to laziness. It was due to the absolutely crazy week I had at Young At Art Museum down here in South FL. Continue reading