Cartuna Short / Friday the 13th

I decided to create one of my “explodimations” for a Friday the 13th themed Cartuna short.  The influence behind this was Friday the 13th VI: Jason Lives, my favorite of the Friday the 13th movies. I’d even included some Easter eggs in this. Can you spot any?

Cartuna Short / Mariah Carey

Cartuna is a really awesome cartoon powerhouse that I have been creating some cartoon shorts for lately. You can explore their site [here] and follow them on Instagram [here]. So, a couple of weeks ago, when Mariah Carey performed at the New Years Eve celebration in New York and things didn’t turn out so well, immortalizing the event with a cartoon seemed like the natural thing to do. Here is the result:

Let’s Meat in the FLESH

Tomorrow night, Young At Art Museum is hosting a 3 artist reception. The artists include Gustavo Oviedo, Alexandra Snowden, and myself. Each of us have exhibits currently on display at Young At Art. Check out the flyer above for information, or visit the Facebook event page [here]. For those without Facebook, the address/map can be found [here].

The event will also include:
• Sushi Station by Sushi Maki
• Cheese tasting & Desserts by Whole Foods Plantation
• Craft Beer & Wine stations
• Full, open bar