Telephone Corpsing

A few weeks ago, an artist I’d befriended through Instagram had proposed an interesting idea. He said that he had rounded up a handful of artists that he felt had similar imaginations. He said that he wanted all of us to collectively draw pictures and upload them to Instagram. Here’s how it works: He draws one picture and hashtags it “telephonecorpse.” Then the rest of us draw a picture that is inspired by it or our interpretation of it. Then we add the same hashtag. In case you have no idea what a hashtag is, it acts as a link on Instagram that joins together those photos that share the tag. This way, when you click the hashtag, “#telephonecorpse” under one picture, you are redirected to a page that has all of the photos that share that hashtag. Anyhow, once all of us have uploaded the first round, it then becomes another artist’s responsibility to start off the next round. It’s just a fun little game that we can share with other artists from around the world. And each of us have very different styles, so it’s really cool seeing what they come up with. If you have Instagram, check out the hashtag. Anyhow, we are just finishing up the third round. And I thought I’d just share what I’d come up with: