Thanks in Advance! – the Pig Room

A few months ago, I created a ceiling-to-floor mixed media mural for a fundraising event entitled, “Thanks in Advance” held by Bedlam Lorenz Assembly. The piece depicted pigs covered in blood and gore and money. Each pig was a very general representation of one of BLA’s members. The group described the show as:

an interactive fundraiser exhibition benefiting the newly independent curatorial collective Bedlam Lorenz Assembly (BLA) & our upcoming exhibition Attempts At Autonomy at The Projectsan 8,000 sq. foot exhibition space in the FAT Village Arts District.”

Given that the event was intended to raise funds, we thought it would be funny to depict them as murderous and money hungry swine. The event they’d raised money for, Attempts At Autonomy, closes February 27. Go check it out! Click [here] for information.

Also, check out the Pig Room images below. Prints of this room are also for sale, but limited.


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