Tucker Duke’s Art After Dark ART BATTLE

Back in July, a local Deerfield Beach burger joint called Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox had their third “Art After Dark” art battle. Twice before they’d pitted 3 artists against each other in a 90 minute painting competition. Tucker Duke’s provided the canvases, easels and paint. At the end of the 90 minutes, the crowd voted for who they thought the winners were. Each painting needed to be inspired by a particular burger and its ingredients, chosen by Tucker Duke’s.

So, this third art battle was no different than the two before it, and I found myself facing two other artists. Our burger was called “The Spike” – a spicy burger that had a Serrano pepper as its main ingredient. I decided to paint a man who was putting the moves on a Serrano pepper. Only, this pepper was inanimate, having a wig slung over its stem and shoes placed in front of it. In true romantic and gentlemanly fashion, the man tightly held a bouquet of cilantro in one hand, while adorning the air with a shower of lettuce leaves and tomatoes. Thankfully, I’d received the majority of the votes that night.

Upon winning, I was asked to return at the end of the month in order to face off against the past winners. This time our burger was called “Tanner and the Unicorn.” I decided this time to draw a picture of a cowboy force feeding a baby unicorn. And, thankfully, I won again. The unicorn piece now hangs on Tucker Duke’s wall. I had a lot of fun doing these competitions, and met some really cool dudes who I now consider friends. If you’re in the Deerfield area, definitely check them out! (check out Tucker Duke’s, not my friends).


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