Purehoney Magazine’s 4 Year Anniversary!

On September 12, 2015 (tomorrow!), Purehoney Magazine will celebrate it’s 4 year anniversary at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach. Purehoney’s August 2015  issue dons a cover that I designed that depicts a portion of the much larger gig poster centerfold found within. I remember reading an article in Purehoney beforehand that had to do with gig posters. I found them intriguing and asked Purehoney’s head honcho, Steve Rullman, how
I could get into doing them myself. That’s when he offered me the opportunity to create the 4 year anniversary poster.

In fact, it wasgig poster through doing that poster, that I got the Respectable Street mural. I had been sending Steve progress shots along the way, and he’d shown them to Respectable’s owner, Rodney Mayo. Mr. Mayo asked if I do murals and the rest is history. Steve was even gracious enough to open his doors to me one of the nights I worked on the mural, despite stumbling in some time around 2:30 am. You can see the mural [here]. Anyhow, the show is 18+ and starts at 8pm. There will also be about 8 bands playing. Here are their set times:

1130-12 CHAUCER
1030-11 COG NOMEN

11-1130 KREMLIN
12-1230 MILK SPOT

11986917_10153044469961316_3640164952968905004_nI also designed a separate image that is being used for t shirts to will be sold at the event. Five dollars from every shirt sale will go to benefit Thomas Fekete’s ongoing medical bills. Thomas is a local musician (Surfer Blood, Kremlin) who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The show is only 5 bucks.


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