Art Blah Blah Blahsel

It was that time of year again, last weekend, when thousands of people showed up in Miami to experience Art Basel. I’m not a fan of the event. I think there are certainly notable artists there. But there are also many others who are ready to take advantage of folks with more money than they know what to do with.

When someone throws vlothes on the floor and sells it for 30 thousand dollars, I’m hard pressed to respect that. I was actually part of the event two years ago. I actually sold stuff there too, one painting in particular, for 150. Yes, that’s one hundred and fifty dollars. Of course, when you sell art that cheap, people wonder what’s wrong with you.

I remember walking around and being absolutely dumbfounded by some of the pieces I’d seen and how highly priced they were: Scribbled black marker on a piece of paper being sold for 17 thousand bucks, and another piece of paper with the words “Not For Sale” sold for 37 thousand dollars. I think it’s totally unjustifiable. The following year I’d tried to submit art to multiple galleries and was turned down. When I’d seen the art that was selected instead, I’d noticed it was basically all the same looking stuff. I was later told that galleries tend to stick with what they know will sell.

Anyhow, I’m not a fan. Here are some comics I’d uploaded on Instagram last week in light of the event:


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