Batman Day

I was never a superhero comic book fan. I was always busy picking up Cracked Magazines at the local grocery store or flipping through comic book pages of Garfield, Richie Rich, the Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes, or (a real staple of my childhood) Here We Go Again & Bottle Fatigue by Virgil Partch. I was never even really a fan of the X-Men cartoon that aired on Saturday mornings (or even Transformers, GI Joe, ThunderCats, etc) simply because the cartoons looked too realistic. The bar for cartooning should always be Silly Symphonies. I’ll continue to proclaim that much to the chagrin of my generation.

I have, however, loved the superhero movies that I’ve seen – all the Batman movies, Superman, Blankman, Meteor Man, and even the Disney Original movie, Up, Up and Away. Sometimes I get so busy updating Instagram that I neglect this site. That being said, I learned that July 23rd was declared “Batman Day” by DC Comics. So, I decided to take part in it and put up two images on Instagram. Check them out here:


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