Ghosts Everywhere

A few days ago, I picked up a new 3′ x 4′ canvas, not knowing what in the heck to paint on it. So, in an effort to brainstorm, I decided to start a new mural and work on both of them simultaneously. And out came a large mural of a ghost. The photos are below. It’s still a work in progress at about 73% completion. Don’t question my numbers! Anyhow, I decided to make a smaller version of it on the canvas, and started painting the background of the canvas with some of the same bright colors. But THEN I became frustrated.

And so I covered it with black paint. Now there’s a black canvas sitting in the pole barn waiting to get worked on. I plan on making it much more detailed than the mural, and probably not as cartoon-y. Thinking that it’ll probably be much more dark, figuratively speaking. But you never know. These ideas tend to change many times over. But that’s the plan for now anyhow – a ‘darker’ ghost painting. The rest of the ghost mural progress, before it is complete, will not be posted here. You can refer to the Instagram page for that. I do, however, plan to post the canvas progress here. Well, those’re all the updates for now. Please check out the photos below to possibly make sense of the stupid words above:



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