Quick Updates

This will be really quick. I’ve made two updates on the site. One is in the Hot Air section. I posted an article in there from the Bedlam Lorenz Assembly site. Check them out [here]. Read what they’re all about. Really cool dudes. The second update actually comes from the BLA site. They’d posted photos of the mural at Young At Art Museum that were really awesome, so I decided to use them in the indoor mural section of this site. 

I’ve been hammering a bunch of ideas out in my head. I’d been busy, but now have a slow period. Trying to figure out what to do next. I might be gong back to Maker’s Square in Fort Lauderdale to do a much larger mural. I’m not sure yet. I was also planning on fully painting my grandfather’s old 1988 Toyota Corolla. Ever since he died, his car has been here. I’ve driven it a lot in the past, and recently had it suggested to me by my mom to paint it like a monster and drive it to events or gigs. We just have to get the insides checked out first. Anyhow. That’s all. I’ll keep you posted. 


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