Insanity At Young At Art Museum Part 2: Guest Speaking

Just when I began to exhale after the painting the mural in the Japan: Kingdom of Characters gallery at Young At Art Museum, my breath was instantly caught up again at the prospect of what was ahead on Tuesday, July 8, 2014. By the way, if you want to read about the mural at Young At Art, I wrote about it [here]. I realize now that I forgot to mention that it was a little torturous for me, given that I am afraid of heights and I had to paint on a lift. It’s true. If I go above 6 feet, my movement slows and vertigo takes control of my brain. So, having to paint a mural that was between 10 and 15 feet in the air, made the process go by MUCH slower. I DREADED painting that high, but faced my stupid fear and did it. By the way, facing my fear didn’t get rid of my fear. It only confirmed how absolutely afraid of heights I still am. I love the floor.

Annnyhhhoowww, back to the reason why my breath was stolen again after the mural craziness. Every week, the summer camp kids at Young At Art have been focusing on particular topics. Every Tuesday, a guest artist comes in and speaks to the kids for a bit so that the students can get some interesting insight from a different vantage point. For instance, imagine if you were learning how to create puppets all week, and then on Tuesday, Jim Henson came in to talk to you for a little bit about his creative process. Same kind of thing, only Jim Henson is dead and it would be impossible for him to move or speak since he’s a corpse. But you get the idea. Last week, they covered pop art. This week was monster themed. And I, much to my surprise, was asked to be this week’s guest artist. Like I told the kids, I thought they’d originally asked me to do it because of my grotesque outer appearance.

But, no, it was actually to show the kids some of the art I’ve made and speak to them a little bit about how I got into creating monster art. Afterwards, I asked each group to help me draw a monster, asking them for each detail. I then drew each suggestion on a dry erase board. The suggestions were hilarious. The highlight of the day came when I was sitting back in the space where I spoke and observed a couple walking through the gallery. One of them said, “Oh this must be the resident artist” and proceeded to walk around, commenting on all of the art. They didn’t know I was the guy who made the art. They just figured I was some dude in repose. As they walked out, he said to the other, “Guy’s a lunatic.” haha

I spoke 4 times yesterday to four different age groups. It was a blast. I was even able to bring in a new robot that I am currently working on. I’ll post photos and a video in the future. It’s a big ol’ fat slug monster. I’m using it to satisfy the burn I received after destroying my beloved spaghetti monster robot. But he had it coming. I displayed it at Studio 259 months ago, and was even planning to destroy it then. This slug is safe though. I promise. Well, at least for now. I actually started building the slug at about 7pm the night before and went to bed at 5 am. It’s crazy how much I stressed over it, and now that it’s over, I’m not sure what to really do with myself. All this FREEDOM!

Anyways, I was asked a few questions for the YAA newsletter that I’ll post here when it comes out. I also drew out a page, that will go into the newsletter, that the children can color in. I’ll post that here too when the newsletter comes out. Hmmmm… Did I forget anything? No, I don’t think so. OH. I will very vaguely say that out of all of this came something REALLY cool down the road. But it’ll have to be vague for now. Below, I’ve posted a bunch of photos of yesterday’s event. Check them out! For those that read all of this without bashing their brains, thanks for listening 🙂


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