Mural Progress: Spiders in My Head pt. 4


Spent some time this afternoon at Young At Art Museum here in South FL. They’re in the middle of their summer camp craziness. Each week, the kids learn about a new theme, and a new artist that fits that theme somehow.

Next week is monster week. Naturally, they called me. They didn’t call me for my art. They don’t care about my art. They just want a hideous freak around there. That’s where I step in. Anyhow, I’ll be sharing my art with all the camp classes as well as any other folks in the museum. Beyond excited.

Afterwards, I made my way over to Maker’s Square and put some time into the mural over there. It’s about 85% complete. Not sure when I’ll go back because I have another mural commission to do this week. And it’s time sensitive. I’ll keep y’all updated with that. Check out the photos below to see some of the progress from tonight:


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