Making Lemonade


It’s strange at first, but life does, in fact, exist without Facebook. It’s given me some peace of mind, having afforded me the time to focus more on this site. Yes, I said, “Moron.” I had also given up on Instagram, but almost immediately regretted it.

In fact, I’d received criticism over giving up on Instagram. I kicked myself over it because once it goes, it’s gone forever. But after some convincing from my friends, I feel prey to peer pressure and I started another one. The way I see it, this site is like fresh water. I love water and drink it all the time. I’m treating Instagram like honey and lemon. And I’m setting up a lemonade stand starting this hot hot summer.

Though honey and lemon aren’t the main ingredients, they still provide a flavorful addition to the water. And so, I offer a cold and icy bucket of it for you guys to enjoy. I’ll add a link to the top menu. You can find my page [here].


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