The Ramp

When I lived in North Carolina, I’d go for long walks on Gilliam road. It was a long stretch of road surrounded by miles of pasture and hills. It ended at an apple orchard. When it was cold outside, it was even better. I’ll never forget that place. It was quiet. It was serene.

One time I noticed what looked like onions growing wildly along the road. Upon further inspection, I realized that they were, in fact, tiny onions. I was later told they are called ramps. So, I made a habit of picking armfuls of them to bring home to eat along with dandelions and blackberries.

The reason I mention any of this is because those tiny ramps are the inspiration behind the name of the wall that I practice painting murals on. It’s just a wall made of two pieces of plywood, held together with 2x4s, covered in layers of paint. Like an onion has layers. Get it? I’m so deep. Plus, it’s slanted. Like a ramp. Employing some double entendre.

Many of the paintings in the mural section of this site were painted on the Ramp, including the photos below. Practice, practice, practice. The images below depict a man holding a fish closely to himself. Check them out. I’m out to spend my day painting at Maker’s Square. I plan to post the photos later this afternoon.


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