Spiders in My Head

Two weeks ago, I painted a mural at Maker’s Square in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In case you aren’t familiar with it, Maker’s Square is a creative powerhouse tucked away in the neighborhood behind the Home Depot on Sunrise just east of Sistrunk. I can’t think of anything that they DON’T do there. You can check out their web site [here]. Needless to say, the place is really awesome. So please check out their calendar and scope the place out.

Anyhow, I plan to go back there today in order to paint another mural later in the afternoon. That’s assuming that it doesn’t rain too crazily. The drawing that I decided to use as a rough draft is actually one of my favorite ballpoint/Sharpie drawings. I ended up selling it at an Art Walk a few months ago. And, of course, I’m kicking myself. Fortunately, I have a blurry and watermarked digital copy of it. So I’ll be feeling my way around it like a blind man in a dark room. The drawing depicts a guy cavorting about and holding his eyelids open. I decided to add a bit more detail to it by drawing spiders coming out of his eyelids and mouth and ears. I’ll be sure to update some progress photos tonight. Here is the drawing:


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