An Unfamiliar Cave

10268422_435731983237239_8816139240887491507_nI’ve neglected this site for far too long. And it’s a shame too, because I send folks here first. I don’t tell them to check me out on Facebook or Instagram as much as I say, “Oh, just go to” And yet, this is the last thing I update. It’s sick. I direct everyone to a wasteland. I direct them to an infertile freaking wasteland. There’s probably some enterprising psycologist out there that has plenty to say about how I probably have some deep-rooted only childism issue. But who cares? Well, hopefully, those days are behind me. I don’t mean the days of only childism. Those days are most certainly behind me because my folks aren’t making kids any time soon. Or ever. No, I mean that the days of neglect, in regard to this sad site, are over. I’ve decided to cut off the festering social media growth that’d been attached to my increasingly heavy leg so that I might run freely with this site. I plan to make all updates here from now on. I’ve even updated some of the links.

Maybe no one is listening. I don’t know. But like a guy who enters an unfamiliar cave, and at first hollers through its stoney corridors, hearing his voice echo – I sit here hollering through the digital corridors of the Internet. I don’t know if bats await me. I don’t know if I’ll stumble upon human remains. I don’t know if I’ll uncover some crazy cave lake. All I know is I’m saying, “Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.”


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