A Crashed Computer & Other News

As you have probably noticed, this site has not been updated for weeks. “Who cares?” you might be asking, “After all, you never really updated it in the past.” Well, it seemed like just about the time I was starting to get the ball rolling on updating this thing consistently, my computer crashed. And my hard drive is messed up. I guess that’s what happens when FPL is working on powerlines around the corner, causing your power to shut off about 7 times in 2 minutes. It’s my fault, actually, for not getting one of those power strips that protect the computer from that happening. For any updates, please just add me on Facebook. ANYYYYHHOOOWWW…. Some things have been happening.

I showed a whole pile of my art a few weeks ago, robots included, at Studio 259 in Deerfield Beach. The show was hosted by my buddy Paul McEnery’s think tank, American Sweatshop. the show was called “Stay Tooned” and was, as you might have guessed, cartooned themed. Needless to say, the whole thing was awesome. I actually sold my raccoon robot. Never can say goodbye, girl. But I did. There was a girl named Jacqueline at the show that suggested I get in touch with a place called CI Studios. CI Studios is a space in a strip of studio/gallery/warehouses where art walks are hosted once a month. After getting in touch with them, I actually ended up painting a huge mural at a new lot they’d purchased on that strip. The wall includes a tiny corner wall, and altogether measures about 20′ x 8′. This Saturday, April 26th, a new art walk will swing into action and the wall,along with other murals will be shown off. I’ll also have a table set up there, selling paintings and prints. Please come and check it out. Out of all of this, some other cool opportunities arose that I’m not at liberty to talk about just yet.

So, come check out the wall, and some of my art, this Saturday in Fat Village between 7pm and 11pm. The address is:

17 NW 5th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


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