Geirleif Gobbeldarc / Episode 1: Sissy Music

Here is my first attempt at a Haunted Mirror Forest short starring “Geirleif Gobbeldarc” the gothic turkey. The formula is simple. Whenever someone attempts to engage him in conversation, he responds in goth poetry and starts crying. That’s it. If you are expecting something fancier, you won’t find it here. I also plan to include Geirleif in future comics, as well as future shorts – the videos, not the clothing. Goths don’t wear shorts.

I’m currently working on a comic called “Gyro Town” through Big Beard comics, and expect it to be released on Halloween. I’m also releasing, on Halloween, an animated music video for “Open Pirate” by Pocket of Lollipops. I will do more detailed updates in the near future, and when I’m not trying to sleep. Anyhow, enjoy.


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