Quick Updatesss

StorkHey, guys – just wanted to let you all know that I added a “Get Stuff” section to the menu. It links to the Etsy shop I just put together. I had Etsy before, but got rid of it. Now I got it back. I guess it’s true love if you think about it in terms of that letting a bird go thing. Anyhow, aside from that, I also added a “search” bar to the bottom of the sidebar. Scrolling back through the blog can be tedious. Maybe you’ve never done it. I think  I probably added the search bar more for my benefit since I’ve had to scroll through the blog on a few occasions. At any rate, this has at least lifted a tiny burden for my future self.

Next on the list is to add a “Band” art section. I’ve done some band art in the past, and am working on some now. Makes sense, don’t yah think? Well, I’m going to sleep. Good night.


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