The Body Rampant T-Shirt Design

The Body Rampant

Here is a t-shirt design I did for the LA based band, the Body Rampant. They’re giving these out to everyone who preordered their latest album, Midnight Mayfair, which just came out on July 15, 2013. The image depicts, Tom Breyer, a mayoral character created by the guys.

“Midnight Mayfair is a conceptual story of a man lost within his own mind. Having spent several days in a dark forest bleeding out and hallucinating, the man encounters many interactions with creatures and townsfolk from a mythical village titled ‘Mayfair’ that his mind has created right before his ultimate death. Through each song, the story unfolds leaving more unanswered questions of a beauty named Apparitia.

She wins your heart but when you need her the most, she disappears…ultimately leading on every character in the village. The story brings life to love and deception, battles, and even some twisted time travels through portals deep within this dark forest of Mayfair. The transients; aka heroes in our story, have to battle through love affairs, crazed vultures, and a burly bat creature that are all fighting for the key to the city.

Will they capture the key and save Mayfair from hellfire? Will the mayor of Mayfair save the day? Listen for yourself and enjoy the sounds of Midnight Mayfair,” said their frontman, JM Lopez on an Under the Gun Review interview from July 8, 2013. Find it [here].

To follow the band, go to THE source at Pick up their latest album, Midnight Mayfair while you’re at it. Here’s a song from the album:


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