Andy Warhol Scavenger “Easter” Hunt Begins Tonight on Instagram

00t/12/huty/14427/16I had announced a few weeks ago via Facebook that I was given a bunch of framed Andy Warhol pictures with random quotes of his printed over the images. Well, it’s no secret that I’m not an Andy Warhol fan, so I decided to deface the images by writing brief ‘responses’ to Andy’s quotes. For instance, one of them says, “I never read, I just look at the pictures.” I just wrote, “No you didn’t.” These things are 12″x12″ and have the ability to hang on the wall. I also wrote my name on the back of each one with my site.

Well, it’s not enough to just make the things. I want to give them away. I figure with Easter around the corner, now would be an appropriate time to do that in “easter egg hunting” form. I’m going to be placing them at in random places around Broward. As I’ve said before, I might place one inside one of the living rooms at the Ikea that’s right around the corner. One might just go under a tree at Commercial and University OR at Griffin Road and US 27. In fact, I plan to be at the Green Room in dowtown Ft. Lauderdale tonight, and may put one around there. Who knows? Originally, I was just going to put them around town and not give anyone any clues. But time (a few weeks) has softened this old heart, and I have decided to make it easier on folks.

Andy Warhol Quotes

(Click the image to enlarge)

I’ll be snapping & posting photos on Instagram of each one as I put it down somewhere. Their respective locations won’t be fully revealed, but hopefully the surroundings in the photo are enough to get the gears in your brains spinning. So, if you aren’t following me on Instagram, and you’d like to take part in this, add me [here]. If you should find one, please either contact me through this site, or post it on Instagram and tag me in it. Happy hunting 🙂


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