The Sisters Sanchez

There were a number of friends I had drawn for the solo show I had on January 26. One of them was Jessica Sanchez. I portrayed her playing the piano (sweet alliteration, huh?). Anyhow, Jessica has two sisters – Ally and Emily. Their mom had requested that I also draw Ally and Emily for her. So I did. Since I had focused on particular characteristics of my friends with the other drawings, I decided to do the same with them. Ally loves playing the guitar, so I drew her playing it (she also has a great voice). I decided to add some pines in the background since she likes the outdoors. For Emily, who likes to write, I decided to get a little experimental. I drew her simultaneously sitting at a computer in a computer chair AND also lying down. She’s surrounded by a cloud of papers. Anyhow, check ’em out. As usual, click the thumbnails to enlarge the images:


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