Taxidermy + Cardboard = Newest Sculpture

Here is the latest piece going into the show this Saturday. My wife, Donna, and friend, Tricia have made a hobby of taxidermy. So, I thought it would be cool to incorporate their craft with mine. It’s the only piece at the show where I collaborate with anyone. We have entertained the idea of doing a future collaborative event, showcasing both their work and mine. I decided it would be cool to create a huge mouse holding their mice. The idea was to have his head sway back and forth with a battery powered motor, but the thing I bought was way to weak for his super duper heavy CARDBOARD head. Yah. So, it was kind of a fail on that, but his head is still able to move from side to side, and that’s cool. The single blue mouse was created by Donna, and the siamese mice were put together by Tricia. It also hangs all by itself from his back. No frame, no NOTHING.  These images are also now available in the Sculpture section. I completed the deer, but saved putting up the photos til after the solo show. Anyhow, here they are. Click the images to enlarge.


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