My Very First Cardboard Sculpture

For a while now, I’ve had a desire to take another step when it comes to some of the art I do.  I love drawing and painting, but I really wanted to make them three dimensional. So, in the past, I had experimented with clay, but didn’t like it. It’s way too heavy and way too expensive for the scale of sculpture I’d like to make. Plus it was time consuming for me. For whatever reason, I decided it would be cool to make sculptures out of cardboard. It’s super cheap. In fact, The sculpture below was made of two trifold boards that both ran about 3 bucks each. And it’s LARGE. AND AND AND, it’s so light I can easily hold it with one hand. I am extremely pleased, and feel as though I really found something I love doing. I love drawing and painting, don’t get me wrong. But, this is on another level for me. I still plan to sell canvases too, but will be starting to sell canvases with smaller cardboard sculptures like the large one pictured below. It works out too. See, if I drew realistic looking stuff, I’d have real difficulty doing this sort of thing. Fortunately, the nature of my drawings allows me to sculpturally replicate them accurately. Anyhow, enough talk from me. Here are the pics of my very first cardboard sculpture. I’ll be adding a ‘Sculpture’ section to this site now, too 🙂 I plan to display this sculpture underneath my martyr series paintings at the show on the 26th. For now, I’m calling him ‘Organ man’ unless you think of something cooler.


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