Portrait #8

This is the 8th piece in the portrait series. It features my friend, Gio Reynolds. A little back story: I’ve run a lawn company for years, and yeeeeears ago I realized we were being somewhat stalked by a neighborhood kid. He must’ve been about 12 or 13, and had a fascination with grass cutting. Strange, huh? Well, turns out this kid was basically studying the way we, and other companies, were cutting grass. I think at the time he was only cutting his yard and his next door neighbor’s yard, who was actually his aunt. Since then, I had developed a friendship with Gio, even having him cut with us when he was older. Well, needless to say, that kid is now running his own little business, cutting a bunch of houses with commercial equipment. Throughout high school, when other kids (who either had no job, or a part time job at the local grocery) jeered at him for cutting grass, he was busy slowly saving thousands of dollars. Anyhow, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t proud (and a little envious) of what he has already accomplished. Just don’t tell him that. It might blow up his ego 😉 AND this little punk isn’t even graduated from high school yet haha Well, enough talk, here he is:



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