For Sale: One Ruined Silk Screen & A One of a Kind Shirt

[UPDATE: November 28, 2012 / This item was sold]

Alright. So I ruined a silk screen. The paint dried on it, and I tried to remove it. It didn’t work. Oh well. I was only able to paint one t-shirt with it too. It’s a youth large. There is only one other person out there with this print on an article of clothing. It belongs to some guy that wanted me to print it on the back of his sweater at the Bubble fashion show this last weekend. I never even got his name. I’d love to say that the mistake was intentional, so I wouldn’t appear to be such a noob… buuuttttttt I totally screwed it up. You might be asking, “Why don’t you just clean the screen completely, smear more emulsion on it, and burnt the image again?” Well, I can’t, because I hand drew the image with drawing fluid. It isn’t like the other shirt I have at the moment, where the image is on a transparency. So yah.

Anyhow, I decided I’d put the shirt up for sale along with the ruined silk screen if anyone is interested. I’m selling the silk screen still stretched (nice alliteration, huh?) on its wooden frame – that way you can hang it up. I’ll even sign it. I’m selling the shirt and silk screen together for 75 smackers. I think that’s pretty cheap. You may disagree. But think about it, who wouldn’t pay that price for a large child’s shirt and ruined silk screen? It’s so unique that it’s sure to leave a scent that beatniks and scenesters will smell from miles away. Here are some photos of both items (click thumbnails to enlarge) –

If you’re interested, message me on Facebook or email me at


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