Solo Show News & Upcoming Shows

Well, I haven’t updated in a little bit. A few weeks ago I was approached with the idea of possibly doing a solo show. I jumped at the idea, and we’ve been hammering out details ever since. So, here’s what he have so far – it’ll be at the Bubble in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, January 26, 2013. It’ll start at 7pm and go til 12 am. Yah, yah I know the world will end before then, but just in case it doesn’t, the show’s still booked. Anyhow, the show will only feature my art. And, I’ll be making some large installations which will be a change up from the usual canvas and paper pieces… although they’ll still be there too. Did I mention I have a few noise bands lined up as well as some metal and mellow stuff too? Anyhow. Hopefully you can make it. I’ll be designing the fliers as soon as all the bands get locked in. The next two shows will be the Fashion show at the Bubble and then SMASH-CON at Green Room. See yah there. That’s all I have for now.


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