October So Far, and Plans for November

This weekend has been pretty crazy. I had a BLAST at the Bubble in Fort Lauderdale last night, and am looking forward to returning next Saturday. It was the first time I was ever there, and found it to be one of the coolest place I’ve displayed art. I met so many cool people that night, and even had the opportunity to be interviewed on camera concerning my artwork.

Today, I had the Indie Craft Bazaar at Revolution in downtown Fort Lauderdale. I had a lot of fun there too, but I found it to be more of an event for craftier pieces. I shared a table with my good friend Kerry Jaclyn Nolan. She’s a great photographer. You can check out her web site at kerryjaclyn.com. I’m debating whether or not I’ll sign up for future craft events. I also found out while I was there that the pieces I had done for the Zombie Walk show would be included in the Halloween show this coming Saturday at the Green Room. So, technically, I’m in that show too. Unfortunately, I won’t be there that night. You can find me hanging out at the Bubble for the Devil Made Me Do It show. I’ll have two pieces hanging there.

October has been and will continue to be an incredibly busy month for me. I have 3 dates in November booked. I plan to take it slow in November. Though artwork is always for sale through the site, I plan to have art for sale in various locations here in Ft. Lauderdale. It will be hanging there permanently. And by ‘permanently’ I mean, ‘until it sells.’  This month I really want to paint more pieces, and print out some more prints so that I can hit December with a vengeance. It’s good to be busy, and I have had an incredible time, but I need to strengthen my work and push my limitations further. I have to test new ideas too. I still plan to post photos as I go along here too.

Lastly, I overheard another person talking about how Miami is the center for art in South FL. That made me really think that it’s time to try and put 954 on the map. With that I say, PEACE.


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