Biketopia Show Today: EDIBLE ART… Sort of.

Here are four pieces that will be for sale at the Biketopia show today scheduled for 3pm @ America’s Backyard in Fort Lauderdale. I’ll be bringing more than this, but decided to just focus this post on these particular pieces because of how they’re colored. You’ll notice the Catfish piece I had displayed at Girl’sClub is part of the group. Again, it was colored with prune juice, crushed pomegranate, and raspberry jello mix. Well, I decided to go with a similar theme for these pieces. So check this out.

First, we have the dragon on a bike. It was drawn out with permanent marker, and given detail with ballpoint pen. It was then colored with cilantro, broccoli, yeast extract, raspberry jello, and orange jello. Yummy. Then there is the farmer who had a bike. I went with the “Bingo” theme for that one. Anyhow, it was drawn with permanent marker, detailed with ballpoint pen, and colored with cinnamon, yeast extract, blueberry syrup, and raspberry jello mix. Lastly, there is the roadkill piece. This one was a parody of those Chick Fil A cow posters. It was colored with cinnamon and raspberry jello mix.

Though I guess any piece of art is edible since you can technically eat anything, these will at least go down easier than say a clay statue. But I don’t recommend you eat them. Each of the pieces shown here are for sale for $75 each. I’ll also be live drawing there and selling each black and white drawing for $25. Hope to see you guys there 🙂


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