the Mission Veo: Tonight’s Show & Album Art

Tonight at the Green Room in Fort Lauderdale, the Mission Veo is set to throw their CD release party. As far as I understand, the album will be pressed and released in Germany, but will be available for download via iTunes. The show begins around 12 am & is free for anyone over 21. For those under 21, it’s 5 bucks. Pretty awesome. I suggest all y’alls coming out. We go wayyyyy back. They are really cool and talented guys. Click on the EVENTS page on this site to double check if I’ve missed anything about this show. I also happened to design their album art. Click the thumbnail to the left to enlarge the image. And, yes, it’s watermarked. The url to this site won’t be slathered across the image 😉 The image is of a jellyfish with a human heart inside of it. It’s pretty large, so open at your own risk. If you, or someone you know, is in a band and want artwork for any event, album, poster, etc. hit me up on the Contact page and let me know.

If you want to check out what the Mission Veo sounds like, look no further. Here’s their video for New York Scum:


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