The Man Behind the Mask

First, this:

I’ve always loved masks, and always enjoyed buying or making them. Over the last year or two, I’ve made about three of them. Two of those were for special occasions, and the third was for a project I’m working on. You should be able to view them below. The first mask is a stork that I made for my daughter’s baby shower. At its foundation is felt. The “feathers” are actually pieces I cut out from a white t-shirt. The beak was cut out of cardboard and covered with yellow cloth. It doesn’t move. The second mask is Howard the Duck. If you don’t know who he is, I feel bad for you, son. I made that particular mask for my son’s superhero themed birthday party. It’s also made out of felt. The beak is filled with cushion stuffing, and also doesn’t move. There are also a couple of real feathers on the forehead. The hat and sunglasses are accessories. The gloves are also made out of felt. The last mask is still a work in progress. It’s a fish. It was also made with felt. The back of the skull is formed with a plastic milk jug. The jaw does actually move on this one. Anyhow, I just wanted to show you guys some of the masks I’ve made. Hopefully, as I work on the fish mask, I’ll document the progress. Click the thumbnails to enlarge:


One thought on “The Man Behind the Mask

  1. Wow. These are really cool. Howard the Duck. lol. Yeah, Leah Thompson pretty much disappeared after that one. She went from Some Kind of Wonderful to some kind of stinkerful almost overnight.

    Alice Cooper. R C Sproul’s admirer himself. I used to like Alice until he started talking about golf.

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