House Painting Part 2: Superhero Party!

A few weeks ago, my son had a superhero themed party. I decided that I’d paint the walls. My intention in the front hallway was to create a back alley scene with one side being an Italian restaurant since we had ordered pizza. The other side was a city skyline. I had transformed our ceiling lights into street lights, and set other decorations – ie fake trees, table with chairs, clouds, and aluminum trash can – in order to set the scene. The dining room also had a city skyline painted differently. I didn’t want to do the same exact thing, so I had created a drippy pink skyline. One other wall just had onomatopoeia on it (SLAM). Lastly, I decided to make the third wall look like a graffitied wall. Our intention was to have folks sign it and snap photos in front of it, but we never told anyone haha. Anyhow, though they are limited, here are the photos. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge:


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