The Devil Made Me Do It Gallery Entries

I’m entering the following pieces in the “Devil Made Me Do It” art show. They’re actually older pieces I thought of using while brainstorming what to do. I thought they’d be good to use because of the content. Both of the pieces depict the deaths of two men who were killed by the Roman Catholic church. I like the irony since the Roman Catholic church is supposed to be an image of basically everything the devil isn’t, but they have a very bloody past. Though the show isn’t for a few weeks, I am going to post these now as I work on the next two pieces for two upcoming galleries: Monster Mash at Tate’s comics & Zombie Walk art show at the Green Room. Hopefully, I’ll post more on those later. Anyhow, here are the pieces with their respective stories. Both images are watermarked. Please click on the images to enlarge:


Girolamo Savonarola
18″ x 24″ – permanent marker and acrylic paint
price: $200

This first piece is Girolamo Savonarola. He was a friar. After trying to expose the abuses of the Roman Catholic church, the Roman Catholic church tried to bribe him to keep his mouth shut. They offered him the position of cardinal, otherwise it would be death for heresy. He refused, saying, “The only red hat I wish to wear is that of a martyr, stained with my own blood!” (since the cardinals wear red hats and cloaks). So they burned him at the stake. So, this first painting is a depiction of him burning alive wearing a red hat, dripping blood (though they didn’t burn him with a blood stained hat), to commemorate his powerful statement.


Ulrich Zwingli
18″ x 24″ – permanent marker and acrylic paint
price: $200

The second piece is Ulrich Zwingli who was another dude who recognized the abuses of the Roman Catholic church. In an effort to silence the folks who were speaking out against them, the RCC went to war against them. Zwingli was really a pastor who actually stepped away from the pulpit and saddled a war horse. As the story goes, he was wounded and face down under a pear tree. The Roman Catholic soldiers approached him, turned him over, and told him to recant of his heresy. He repeatedly shook his head in denial. So they killed him, yelling, “Die, then, stiff-necked heretic!” As if that wasn’t bad enough, the soldiers decided to go a few steps further, quartering his body with horses, and burning his body to ashes. The second painting is a depiction of his corpse being quartered by horses.


Come see the real things in person if you’d like. Here’s the info:

@ IWAN’s The Bubble
810 NE 4th Ave
Ft Lauderdale Fl 33304
Oct. 27th 6-11:30PM
$10 Cover – Free Beer – Live Music – Evil Photo Booth
$15 Artist in take fee
goes to location costs and hospitality
Vending Crafts/Food $35 (6 foot table space out back)



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