12316475_1498290497141709_2403423703035977861_nHaunted Mirror Forest Studios is a South FL based cartoon dumpster created by Christopher Ian Macfarlane that strives to make bizarre cartoons. Dive in and be fattened with visual and aural delicacies. Our work spans through many traditional mediums such as ink, pencil, paint, spray paint, paper, canvas, wood, interior and exterior walls, robotics and cardboard, as well as digital mediums like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, & Toon Boom.
We don’t just create our own cartoons, but also provide our services to the public. Some of our past work includes album artwork, posters, apparel, murals for both residential and commercial clients, 2d animation for cartoon episodes, music videos, & commercials.
Lastly, our work has been featured in several street zines, upscale magazines, news articles, and blogs.